Handmade Moon cake Greeting Card

A big Hello to Everyone.. It’s Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Today!! We wish everyone have great reunion and good celebration with family and friends. During this festival, we get together to watch the full moon, having delicate moon cakes and colourful hand-crafted lantern. Had you get yourself a lantern for tonight?


We wanted to share our small project today, the making of the Handmade Moon Cake Greeting Card

Againn… We are using Moon Rabbit for our main character.

Do you hear before “The Legend of the Jade Rabbit tells the story of the rabbit in the moon”:

Three magical wise men decide to test the character of a fox, a monkey and a rabbit. The men turn themselves into desperate old beggars and ask the fox, the monkey and the rabbit for food. While the fox and the monkey have food to spare, they refuse to share. But the helpful and generous rabbit, who has nothing to give, volunteers his own tasty self by leaping into a burning campfire to roast himself for their dinner. The men, who are not actually hungry, are overwhelmed by rabbit’s self-sacrifice and generosity and grant him immortal life, sending him to live on the moon in the palace as Jade Rabbit.

Check out the Chinese version article here: 玉兔搗藥 http://www.storyonline.com.tw/story.php?id=684


Let’s start from here…


With several attempts on the materials picking and testing, we finally decided on the design and concept.

Here are the Step 1 : Place the stuffed mooncake into the mould. Lightly press the mould handle, then remove the mooncake from the mould.

Mooncake02 Mooncake04

Step 2: Colouring the chocolate Flavour on top of the Mooncake. Isn’t it looking tasty?

Mooncake08 Mooncake09

Step 3: Put it under the window, the mooncake had their sunbath for about 2 days.


The Printed Design with the Fat Rabbit


Step 4 : Folding the Red Shinning Ribbon. Just nice.


Step 5 : Placing the mooncake on the Rabbit mouth… Feed her! Yumm Yumm…


Deng Deng !!! Here is the final product of the card. Do you feel mouth watering? Hahaaa..


Thank you so much for stopping here. We hope you like it. Also a warm welcome to my new followers – it is lovely to have you here.

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