The Marriage Proposal // Darren + Alicia

 Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!

Darren contacted us a month or so before this whole proposal plan with Alicia started happening. A group chats with the “Crews” created for discussion.

On that day, Darren was quietly texting, trying to figure out which plan to proceed on. (Darren had set contingency backup plan as well).  It started with a birthday celebration with Alicia (as informed) and Darren came out with a bunch of balloons. Alicia was told to release the balloons and make wish. Right after Alicia released the balloons on her hand, another bunch of balloons was flown to her. Alicia was so surprised and …

Darren got down on one knee to ask Alicia to be his companion for life. She cried and said YES!

Darren, your marriage proposal is pretty darn good. We are happy for the both of you! You are not only clients in our eyes, but friends.  We love spending time with you all so much. Muacks ^^.. Hold close to life and love in this new stage in togetherness. May your life be full of genuine love!

Ya ! Not to miss out. Special thanks to the friends who helped us on that day, thank you for hiding us and nice to meet you all :D

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