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Capturing Moments, Simply Beautiful

As time passes, memories fade. Photographs are the best way to relive those life-changing moments. The fact that pictures bring smiles to people’s faces inspired the team at Lovebirds.my to dabble in the photography field. Weddings are milestones in life, and they provide photographers the pleasure of capturing these special occasions. The team at Lovebirds.my enjoys the simplicity of taking candid and natural shots. They document them in natural environment lighting and the results are priceless. Since they are big fans of weddings, they pay special attention to capturing the details of the event.

Weddings photography can be a challenge as the market is expanding and the team walks the extra mile to stand out from the crowd. They create artistic images, meaningful photos for modern couples who are on the lookout for something unique. Their simple photos set in clean compositions are favourites of their clients. The team is inspired by magazines, music videos and the emotional yet lighthearted atmosphere in these auspicious occasions. Their clients love their personality as they are passionate and strive to deliver more than they promise. They believe in open communication and understanding people better. By doing so, they are able to capture the little details that matter – the pride of the parents, the emotions of the couple, the anticipation, the laughter, the utter joy –  images that reflect the happiness of the day.

When shopping for a wedding photographer, couples need to meet up and view the photographer’s complete portfolio, talk to them, find out their styles and their availability for the event. Every wedding is different, and it is therefore important to view images of a wedding from beginning to end. The team at Lovebirds.my   takes the time to build trust and camaraderie with their clients, so that they can coax emotive responses from them, which in turn will ultimately result in beautiful, artistic photographs. This is what they term the personal touch in the photography service they offer. Pictures speak a thousand words and capturing these images that will remain a keepsake for years to come is what the team at Lovebirds.my aims to achieve, every time.